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Twin Peaks

Mt Sopris - Elk Mountains - Colorado

With a summit elevation of 12,965 feet, Mt. Sopris is a fairly moderate mountain in the Colorado Rockies. However, what this mountain lacks in sheer elevation it makes up for in vertical prominence. In terms of local relief Mt. Sopris is one of the largest peaks in Colorado, rising 6,400 feet from the valley below in just over 2 miles. It stands alone, a northern sentinal of the mighty Elk Range, dominating the skyline above the roaring fork valley.  Sopris is a twin peaked mountain comprising of East Sopris and West Sopris. Both peaks have identical elevations. This striking mountain was particularly beautiful on this cold fall morning. A fresh blanket of snow on the high peaks contrasted beautifully with the color of the dawn sky and the peak autumn colors in the valley below. 

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