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Forest for the Trees

Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

It's early October in Yellowstone National Park. My focus was on a beautiful black bear and her two cubs. We spotted her every sunrise and sunset for three days. However, we experienced the rule of wildlife photography and not the exception, meaning the bears didn't cooperate, and never came close enough for useable images. I became very familiar with this mountainside over the course of those days. One of the first things I noticed while waiting out the elusive bears, was this beautiful row of aspen trees, growing on the edge of a dark pine forest. On the last day of my trip these trees were almost glowing with their vibrant shades of orange. I never did get the shot of the bears that I was looking for, but this image was a great consolation prize, reminding me that out in nature, when things aren't going your way, you must  remember to see the forest for the trees.

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