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Enigmatic Eyes

<p><em>As a photographer and appreciator of nature, there are many reasons to love the aspen tree. Their quaking leaves start out a vibrant green in the spring, and change to amazing shades of gold in the fall. The stark white trunks are unmistakeable. The most curious feature of the aspen tree to me, though, are their hundreds of mysterious eyes staring back at you. Aspen trees are shade intolerant. Trees in a grove of aspens are in a constant race upwards, fighthing for the sunlight. Aspens self prune as they grow, cutting off the flow of sap to the branches that no longer recieve light. Once the branches fall, they leave behind a scar with an uncanny resemblance to an eye, making these trees all the more intriguing.<br /> <br /> </em>| Exclusive Limited Edition of Two Hundred and Fifty |<em><br /> <br /> <br /> </em></p>