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Hanging Lake Cascades

Hanging Lake - Deadhorse Creek Canyon - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Beautiful cascading waterfalls spill into the crystal clear turquoise water of hanging lake. This travertine lake is a truly unique place. The oasis is not something you would expect to find high in a canyon in Colorado. This small body of water also creates a unique ecosystem that is a host to a variety of rare flora and fauna. The mossy rock under the waterfalls are home to nesting black swifts. This is one of the few places in Colorado where these rare birds can be found. Trout are abundant in this tiny body of water, and amazingly easy to spot in the perfectly clear water. Also found here is the extremely rare Oil Shale Columbine. Hanging Lake is only one of two places in the world where this flower grows in the wild. These yellow beauties thrive in the highly alkaline waters and soils.

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