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Along the Lakeshore

Bull Moose (Alces alces) - Maroon Bells - Aspen, Colorado

Every once in a while it all comes together.

Nature photography at its essence is a waiting game. You spend countless hours waiting around in all kinds of weather at times when sane people are still at home in their beds. Being out there in nature is reward enough, but if you play this waiting game long enough every once and a while you get rewarded in big ways. That was the case this particular morning on the shoreline of Maroon Lake. On a typical morning at the Maroon Bells during the peak of fall you will find photographers lining the shores of the lake hoping to catch the iconic view of Colorado's most famous fourteeners reflected in the crystal lake below. It was only a few days past peak this particular morning and when I arrived at the lakeshore I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was the only person there. I waited on the sunrise, but thick clouds prevented any spectacular sunrise light from appearing. I decided to walk further down the lakeshore where the aspens were still extremely vibrant. It was then that I spotted this bull moose walking at the waters edge in the distance. He was coming my way and I had only a few seconds to pick a spot to set up my shot. I backtracked a few steps to where there was more of a clearing and framed my shot. After that I just had to wait and hope he would walk through the scene. Luckily for me the moose didn't change course and walked right through the shot I had set up. Almost immediately after I tripped the shutter, he went way up the mountainside and disappeared into some willows to eat.  

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